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Eldery man using a weighted pen to write smoother

Weighted Pens & Pencils for Smooth Writing

Show contents Best Weighted Pens & Pencils SenseAid Pen for Tremors Thixotropic Super Big Fat Pen Stacy’s Sensory Solutions Weighted Pen Buying Guide Benefits How Heavy? DIY Writing is an art form. Something people from all walks of life enjoy. The act of putting pen to paper and creating words or art with your hands…

Woman wearing a weighted sleep mask in bed

Weighted Sleep Masks: Wake Up With a Smile

Show contents Best Weighted Eye Masks Manta Weighted Mask Kaya Weighted Eye Mask Nodpod Weighted Sleep Mask Mosaic Contoured Sleep Mask Calm Blanket Sleep Mask Buying Guide About Weighted Benefits Reviews Weighted blankets have been the craze for years now. For many reasons, but one in particular – because they work. And the world is…

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