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Heavy weighted boxing gloves on a grey background

Weighted Boxing Gloves: Accelerate Your Power & Speed

Show contents Best Weighted Boxing Gloves Ring to Cage Weighted Gloves Powerhandz Weighted Training Gloves Zoobgear Weighted Boxing Gloves Ringside Weighted Gloves Buying Guide Benefits How Heavy? Boxing has been around for thousands of years, literally. Research dates the origins of boxing all the way back to Egypt around 3000 BC – making it one…

Eldery man using a weighted pen to write smoother

Weighted Pens & Pencils for Smooth Writing

Show contents Best Weighted Pens & Pencils SenseAid Pen for Tremors Thixotropic Super Big Fat Pen Stacy’s Sensory Solutions Weighted Pen Buying Guide Benefits How Heavy? DIY Writing is an art form. Something people from all walks of life enjoy. The act of putting pen to paper and creating words or art with your hands…

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